Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imperative across all business enterprises, that’s why we are focused on solving the #1 businesses today- reinventing value propositions, gaining customer confidence, and driving predictable growth. Increasing technological and customer evolution is necessitating companies to be agile, intuitive, and transparent to stay competitive.
It also entails how companies utilize technology, people & process to transform and evolve in order to meet the growing customer demands.
We help companies to digitize their existing conventional processes by collecting, analyzing, and utilizing real-time data to optimize, and transform the processes for engaging, and delivering value to the customers.

Digital Transformation Services that Help
Businesses Champion Change

Our digital transformation services drive impactful business benefits by optimizing business processes, automating systems, and propelling innovation.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Our digital transformation consultants combined with their knowledge about the industry, typical customer journey, and market dynamics help you develop an effective strategy with measurable business outcomes. But our digital transformation strategy consulting doesn’t just end there. We offer comprehensive solutions that take care of every part of your business’ transformation process. Read our guide on digital transformation solutions

Digital Transformation Strategy

Going digital is a trend that enterprises across the globe are embracing proactively. But digital transformation doesn’t happen so easily; it requires well-defined planning and strategy.

At Losintech, we help you build digital transformation strategies that are aligned with your business needs and aid innovation on a cohesive level.

Digital Transformation Implementation

Technical know-how combined with years of industry experience, our team of digital transformation providers move from strategy to implementation with equal expertise. Be it modernizing IT infrastructure, embedding AI in business, or facilitating digitally-enabled applications, we get all your needs covered.

Legacy Modernization

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations today is to ensure that their business processes are future-ready. Our advanced legacy modernization services help you re-engineer business processes, upgrade outdated systems, troubleshoot the issues in real-time, and drive higher ROI by improving operational efficiency.

Digital Applications

Digital transformation demands change not only in operational infrastructure but also in applications and other assets. Our app development services are inclined at empowering your business across the complete application’s lifecycle. From designing to building and managing the apps, we help you facilitate an application-focused transformation.

AI and Automation

We accelerate your digital business transformation journey and help your business scale by adding intelligent artificial intelligence systems and automating processes. We help you significantly reduce time spent on mundane activities, build new capabilities, unlock insights, and improve overall efficiency.

Why Your Business Needs
Digital Transformation

Rapid technological advances and changing consumer preferences are pushing enterprises to be more agile and intuitive – more digital. Digitalization is changing business models and processes, making them more customer centric.

Percent Organizations are better able to manage business performances through data availability


Percent Organizations are better able to meet customer experience expectation


Percent Organizations enable worker productivity through AI-based processes

Technologies We Use For
Digital Transformation

Our team has expertise in all the latest and emerging technologies, delivering reliable
solutions across varied industries.
Artificial IntelligenceInternet of Things
BlockchainCloud Computing
Big DataAugmented Reality

Why Partner with Us
for Your Digital Transformation?

We are a digital transformation services company that helps businesses achieve tangible results and establish agile processes by offering custom-made solutions based on evaluation of their current capabilities.
We help you:
end-to-end digital transformation at speed and scale
new revenue streams for your business
costs and risks with informed decision-making
how you engage with the existing and prospective clientele
more responsive and flexible to market trends
and master the latest and emerging technologies for your business
the adapted technologies
in new and innovative ways

How We Help in Your
Digital Transformation Journey

  • Strategy Assessment: Our experts start by measuring the readiness of your business for digital transformation. We assess your business’ current capabilities and future-state maturity levels to build a strategic roadmap through which you can achieve your business goals.


  • Digital Transformation Implementation: Right execution is the key to successful digital transformation in business. Our implementation strategy includes assessing the quality of in-progress projects followed by establishing methodologies and control mechanisms necessary to safely execute complex transformation.
  • Technology Assessment: After gaining a thorough understanding of your business transformation goals, we start evaluating your current technology to suggest technological advancements that can fill the identified gaps, if any.
  • Constant Optimization: Our IT transformation services do not stop just at execution. Our experts constantly keep a check on the implemented digital transformation solutions and keep suggesting optimization strategies to support constant growth and innovation.

Headquartered in Nigeria and operating internationally, Losintech provides extensive yet specialized END-TO-END SMART DIGITAL SOLUTIONS across industry verticals and functions that drive digital transformation for businesses globally,

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    Copyright 2022. Losintech. All rights reserved.

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