Our Process

There is no singular process that fits every challenge — there are no silver bullets. Organizations are different. People are different. Business challenges are different. And that shapes how we work.

The ROI you can expect from

At Losintech, we don’t just talk about great products. We make them with our clients.
Dedicated teams

You are given a Product Manager, Tech Lead, Developers and a UX Specialist.

Predictable ROI

Our process management gives you predictable measures to plan a solid product launch.

Daily communication

Our Delivery system ensures proactive updates, which means you are never in the dark.

Rapid executions

Our weekly sprints help in prioritizing tasks and focuses on building the MVP fast.


Our Software Product
Development Process

At Losintech, we tailor the software development process to your specific business needs to deliver high-quality software on time and within budget.

1. Business analysis

Our business development analysts elicit your business needs, turn them into prioritized software requirements and help elaborate on the concept of your software.


2. Software development process and management

In every project, we design UX and UI, build a future-proof architecture as well as run coding, integration and deployment processes. We take care of the overall project management and regularly report to you on the development progress.

We suggest going for iterative development, as it enables to launch the first version of software in just 3-4 months, and then get it further evolved every 1-4 weeks.


3. QA & testing

We keep up software quality with continuous testing, starting from unit tests and code reviews done by our developers to functionality, performance, usability, integration, compatibility and security testing by our QA team. A reasonable amount of test automation helps us speed up software delivery and minimize the number of missed bugs.

4. Risk management

We define and estimate risks related to the project budget, delivery time, cybersecurity, new technologies and personnel. Then, we prepare a mitigation plan for each risk, monitor risks and report to responsible project stakeholders to keep all parties informed about existing risks and their states and ensure the consistency of risk management actions.

5. Change management

We review the required software changes with all parties concerned, analyzing how the changes will impact software business logic and adapting it accordingly before any change implementation.

6. Project delivery

Upon the delivery of the project, our customers receive:

* Turn-key software.
* Documentation (technical requirements and design).
* User manual.
* Setup program.
* Installation and maintenance instructions.
* Source code.
* Warranty.
* Our customers retain full intellectual property rights over software.

Upon software completion, we offer maintenance and support services to help continuously improve software.


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Headquartered in Nigeria and operating internationally, Losintech provides extensive yet specialized END-TO-END SMART DIGITAL SOLUTIONS across industry verticals and functions that drive digital transformation for businesses globally,

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    Copyright 2022. Losintech. All rights reserved.

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