UI/UX/Product Design

We help businesses to establish, launch and get ahead of the competition with exceptional UI/UX design. With our defined approach and step by step process, we deliver beyond what's expected. Our team doesn’t limit itself to delivering a product. We craft brilliance together and deliver experiences that are ever-evolving.

Keep your users at the center of your design process
with our UI/UX services

We combine our team’s depth of experience in design, our client’s intimate knowledge of the industries they serve and insights uncovered through the discoveries we make.

Our talk track is minimal, our work proves itself. We have always aspired to create simple, user-friendly, intuitive solutions for our customers. That’s why enhancing user experience is one of the most important tasks for our UI/UX development team when creating apps, websites, and other interactive media. With years of experience, our skilled and creative UI/UX team has helped many businesses of diverse verticals create highly interactive, easy-to-use UI designs that offer a seamless and enjoyable experience for their target audiences.

UI/UX design's objective is to be appealing, intuitive, engaging, and grasp the attention of visitors while providing them with the best user experience. And our team of designers will provide excellent UI/UX Design and Development services for your custom website and apps that will increase traffic, offer an excellent browsing experience, drive sales and boost profits.


* User Research
* User Surveys
* User Personas
* User Stories


* Information Architecture
* Site Maps
* Empathy Mapping
* User Journey Map


* Paper prototyping
* High Fidelity Mockups
* Invision Prototype

Think Deep with Our
Design Sprint Workshops

We strategize the user experience and along our way, we deal with many complex issues that need to be addressed.

With design interventions addressing key challenges of our clients, we have developed a way of working that is strategic, creative & technical at the same time.

Our design workshops encourage a solution-based approach to solving problems. It cuts the endless discussions, controls the big egos in the room and gives space to shy people to express their ideas.


Percent conversion rate for a website with a better UX design


Percent of users won’t return to a website due to poor aesthetics


Percent 57% of surveyed users said they would not recommend a business with a bad mobile design.


The Losintech
Design Method

We don’t limit ourselves to just delivering a solution. We craft brilliance together and deliver experiences that are ever-evolving.
Dig deep, gain an understanding of the business and user’s needs and behaviour.
Uncover breakthrough insights and formulate a strategy to achieve set objectives.
Materialises what’s visualized - Craft engaging designs that are themed appropriately.
Test with real users for factors like ‘Usability’ and ‘Likeability’. Iterate using gathered feedback to craft solutions that offer maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

We Create designs
that evoke emotions

We build interfaces that are effortless, intuitive, immersive and seamlessly guide users in performing the desired action. Our experienced team of Design Strategists visualize creative ideas and materialize them into end designs for our customers. They dig deep and draft a visual language that the user understands.

  • Business discovery and user research
  • Product and marketing UX strategy
  • User interface and visual design
  • Front-end engineering and platform integration
  • Usability testing and analytics
  • Design sprints, wireframming and prototyping
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX Workshops
  • UX Audit
  • Product Design

Headquartered in Nigeria and operating internationally, Losintech provides extensive yet specialized END-TO-END SMART DIGITAL SOLUTIONS across industry verticals and functions that drive digital transformation for businesses globally,

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    Copyright 2022. Losintech. All rights reserved.

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